A Taste of Harmony: A Free Mandala Coloring Book

The Pages Almost Color Themselves...

To get your copy of A Taste of Harmony, my free mandala coloring book, you just need to tell me where to send it.

About Me

Talia Knight

Talia Knight is the pen name of the author/artist. She is a prolific reader, and when she was faced with the task of choosing a pen name, she knew just where to turn.

She chose “Talia” because it’s the name of one her favorite fantasy heroines, and “Knight” because she loves sword and sorcery fantasy.

Of course, once she had the name, she had to create a picture worthy of her new fantasy-inspired alter ego. What could be more appropriate than a strong female (she has to be strong—she’s wearing all that armor!) trekking through the desert with perfect hair and absolutely no sweat dripping down her face? Her makeup isn’t even smudged.

Realistically, she ought to be laid out flat on that sand, red as a lobster with heatstroke.

On a more serious note, Talia considers herself the luckiest person in the world because she has the privilege of helping to care for her handicapped sister while living in the great state of Texas.

When she’s not spending time with her sister or playing with her many nieces and nephews, she’s usually doing something with books. Creating, writing, editing, selling—you name it, she’s probably done it.

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